Myself as a Creative Practitioner


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I created this a few years ago while at University but I still feel it's relevant today.

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Free Advice Poster for University First Years


'If you are a first year student studying in the UK and would like to receive a free advice poster follow the link below then fill in the form.

The number of posters we have to giveaway is limited, but we hope to keep sending designs throughout the Autumn & Winter term. If you'd like to help us to do this, please consider purchasing or helping to promote our range of A2 fundraising posters.

At the same time, do spread the word to everyone you know who is applicable for this offer: fellow students, friends and family members.'

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Mobile Year in Review 2011


Video Editing With #iMovie on iPhone


Experimenting with iMovie for iPhone.

Just a little disappointed with the jump in the cut as you can set a duration time for the titles, but you have to use it over a specific video or image section that determines its length. Although there is a limited amount of styles, the video does export well keeping the quality of the original video. It does however require a WiFi connection when trying to directly upload through the app.

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Do you know who works here?



Yes that's right, I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you ...with laughter of course!

Although I can't say that I work in the building pictured above, I can say I don't work too far from it!

With it now being over a week since my immersion into the London lifestyle I thought it would be good to give an overview of what I've been experiencing down her in The Big Smoke!

Moving down the weekend before starting a new job in never easy but in my case it was and everything has run really smoothly. Having London on your door step is just brilliant! You get to quickly realise how important Oyster cards are too.

With regards to my new job I'm working as an in-house Junior Web Designer & Developer for the Evangelical Alliance in London. It's a Christian charity organization resourcing, networking and representing members by giving them a voice in parliament. They roughly have 28,000 individuals, 3,300 churches and 750 Christian organization within their network.

So as their 'in-house' Web Junior you'd think I'd be just be working on the same site day-in and day-out, but no, thankfully I'm not.

The resources the Alliance provides to its members includes a variation of content from sub sites, emails, newsletters and most importantly their Idea magazine.

I've therefore been touching up some images and graphics for newsletters banners, social media pages, editing videos and redesigning certain sub sections of one of their sub brands. I'm also helping to develop some wireframes for the new site they're currently trying to redesign.

As I'm only in a web team of two they're currently outsourcing the initial design and development of their new website however my aim is to get more of it done in-house to limit costs.

Come September I'll be also working on a project to design and develop a site aimed at 18 - 30 years old and have been selected as a possible project manager for a smaller job advertisement board site too.

For me this shows that not all in-house jobs that you may see are as boring as you first think they are.

All in all I'm enjoying London as it's a great place to live. I'm enjoying the job, building up professional experience and although my blogging may dry up a little, I am exactly where I want to be - A Multimedia Graduate working as a Web Designer in London.

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Student Accommodation in Chester Website


A small information site designed for a client offering student accommodation in Chester, North Wales.

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A Quick Driving Lesson Website



Just a quick website that I've produced for my brother-in-law. He's a driving instructor down in Yeovil, Somerset.

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New Designers Exhibition


A Couple of Images from the #MultimediaMMXI Exhibition


My 'Month On' Update as a Multimedia Graduate


Although it's been a silent month of blogging, in which I'm sure you've all enjoyed the peace and quiet, I've now received my final results for my degree. I'm pleased to say I've passed with a First Class Honours in Multimedia! Yes you can hold the applause as this doesn't guarantee me any job, but just puts me in a better position for one.

So a month on from final deadlines and my 10th episode of my video blog, I've been busy with exhibition and interviews. Our #MultimediaMMXI exhibition went well and I've also had some offers for interviews from that which I'm excited about.

I've also been working on our New Designers exhibition which I've been selected along with another 8 Multimedia students to exhibit our work. The work that I'll be exhibiting is connected to my personal research document on Augmented Reality and Quick Response Codes. If you're interested in what I did through that process you can look at it via this blog under the appropriate PRP tags. The exhibition will be taking place on the 6 - 9 July.

My client project for the Colwyn Bay Hockey Club is now live too. Once the appropriate members and team captains of the club get training on how to use WordPress to it's full potential the site should really take off!

Finally I've had some feedback on my WebGrad site and will be soon adding the ability for users to get the RSS feed that I'm displaying on the site for themselves. This means users can user their own RSS readers rather than having to come to the WebGrad site.

Well that's it for now, but look out for a portfolio update in the coming weeks as I've got more of my work to add to it!

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